Open For Interpretation?

One of my pet hates with the Swtor community team is how they announce upcoming game systems. Usually a few lines of text that tease an upcoming bit of content but with no real details. This always leads to outlandish, way over the top speculation from the playerbase, which lets be honest, no update released from Bioware could possibly measure up to.

Then comes the inevitable bewilderment from the community team, they are suddenly confused as to why people on the forums and other social media are in an uproar when they fail to deliver what the community expected and hyped themselves up for. Yet for weeks between the vague announcement till when they do give out concrete information, speculation runs rife on SWTOR social media which Bioware does nothing to extinguish.

An example, the Galactic Starfighter Expansion (The Secret Space Project) free flight space addon for the main game. The general feeling from the day they announced it was a version of Star Wars Galaxies Jump To Lightspeed. Anyone who played Galaxies (including me) felt this was what we wanted and hoped it would be.

What we ended up with was PVP maps in space, which while it is not a bad addition to the game is not what anyone was expecting and is certainly no Jump To Lightspeed. (and is fairly neglected as of writing this)

Let’s come to the present day and oh boy, here we go again. At the Pax South Community Cantina they announced a new upcoming system “the Costume Designer”. What is it? How will it work? Once again speculation is running wild on the various SWTOR social media sites with everyone having an idea of what it will or should be. Of course the actual Costume Designer will never be able to satisfy all these different people’s idea’s of what it should be and disappointment will once again ripple through the community.

A Vague Announcement

A Vague Announcement



I guess for me, I don’t understand Bioware’s mindset in making vague announcements of some upcoming game system and then happily allow the community to get way over hyped. I do understand generating hype and creating word of mouth, to get people excited, but wouldn’t the Community Team and Dev’s rather great word of mouth via a terrific bug free piece of content that the community loves and gets behind.

What do you think? Should Bioware keep throwing out vague upcoming announcements with we will give you details in the coming weeks as they do now. Or should they make a clear announcement of upcoming systems when they have the details to share with us… which are then not open for interpretation.