This Year On Star Wars The Old Republic…

Well only 2 weeks after it was revealed at the Pax South Cantina we finally have our 2015 Swtor Roadmap, and it was pretty much word for word to what was read out there, so why did it take them so long to post it. The only difference anyone has been able to find is that Zoist which was expected on April 28th is now a vague spring 2015.

This is a Roadmap?

This is a Roadmap?

So what do we get, later this year we will get two major updates (let’s not call them expansions) focusing on story driven content similar to what we received with the Shadow Of Revan.

The first to be released in summer (North American summer) and the second by years end.  Staying true to Biowares philosophy, no details will be given so suck it up!

But wait there’s more…never let it be said that Bioware is tight-lipped, they can tell us what is coming up in the first half of the year…(just don’t expect any real details)

On Thursday 12th February Game Update 3.1

Hard Mode Flashpoint: Blood Hunt

Hard Mode Flashpoint: Battle Of Rishi

Start of PVP Season 4

Look PVP was mentioned in the roadmap, just not in the way you were hoping for.

Then April 28th ohh sorry make that sometime in Spring 2015 (again North American spring) Game Update 3.2

Behold the “Outfit Designer” actually don’t as we really don’t want to tell you anything about it yet…please continue your wild speculation on our various social media sites. (Bioware has an ongoing raffle to see which player gets the closest to what the actual “Outfit Designer” will be. But don’t worry none of you are close to anything resembling it, as all your Idea’s are way to sensible and practical than what will be finally delivered…we have been burned before am I right.

A New Story Arc On The Planet Zoist. Okies is this the 1st of those 2 major story updates…no, no it can’t be as this is set to be released in spring not summer so new story is always good.

The End Of PVP Season 4 And The Start Of Season 5

Holy crap you PVPer’s are ungrateful, PVP has been mentioned 3 times now in this roadmap that’s 3 more mentions than Swtor’s GSF!

And Beyond (to infinity and all that, yes we know Disney owns you now)

A New Stronghold (dammit I can’t afford to fully deck out the 4 I own now)

Playable Togruta (which we have sort of known about for the past 6 months)

Bruce then continues that there is still more to be revealed…well I would bloody well hope so your roadmap hasn’t actually revealed anything at all. (Sigh!)

In further gaming news today, this was followed by the bombshell that Biowares new IP they have been working on Shadow Realms, has been cancelled.

We then were given a blog on Shadow Realms by Bioware Austin General Manager Jeff Hickman…

Shadowrealms fades back into the shadows...

Shadowrealms fades back into the shadows…

What will this mean for Star Wars The Old Republic. Will Swtor’s original dev’s James Ohlen, Dallas Dickenson Gabe Amatangelo be back to creating more content for our beloved game. It would appear so from jeff Hickmans blog but I guess time will tell.

Bioware have a huge opportunity to use the hype surrounding the new Star Wars Movie The Force Awakened throughout this year.

Bioware should be throwing all their resources back into The Old Republic, to make an even better game with lots of varied content for both existing and new players to enjoy.  Please don’t try to make a quick buck by riding the coat tails of the new movie, hoping to get lot’s of new players who will try the game only to leave a month or two later. We need to make a game that hooks the player and entertains them into wanting to stay.

We need more quality of life patches, bugs in game since launch need to be fixed.  PVP desperately needs some dev love, listen to your PVP community, they have a ton of ideas as does the Galactic Starfighter players.   Most of all if you truly want the game to be a resounding success that it can and should have been at launch, you have to spend money and put back in place a development team that can handle the size and scope of a true AAA MMO title.

Thoughts anyone…